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SUNLU Upgrade Intelligent 3D Pen, 3D Printing Pen, 3D Doodle Pen for 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing and Doodling with Free PLA Filament Grey

Features SUNLU Upgrade Intelligent 3D Pen, 3D Printing Pen, 3D Doodle Pen for 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing and Doodling with Free PLA Filament Grey:

  • 1. Gift box wrapped, best gift for children over 8 years old and adults
  • 2. Safety and durable, quite easy to bring your imagination into real objects
  • 3. This UPGRADE 3D printing pen with lighter weight in design and easier speed in control
  • 4. Advanced and enhanced 3D Pen with high resistance capability; LCD screen display for accurate melting point monitoring, compatible with PLA/ABS material
  • 5. Smarter adjustments and settings for accurate melting point, filament speed and stable parts

Note: To avoid clogging the filament feeder inside, please cut the ending tip portion of the filament where you stop, because the melted part need to be cut off so that you can smoothly insert it easily without any problem when you use it again. 

High lights
1. Create your Imagination 
With the upgrade SUNLU Intelligent 3D Pen, you can bring your creative thoughts into a real object; it can also enhance and develop the art and calculation skills of your kids. 

2. Enhanced 3D Pen Quality 
This upgrade 3D Pen is developed based on customers and public demand. 

3. Longer lasting hot resistant 
It can be used on longer operation without any malfunction so you can continuously having fun on your work. 

4. Newly redesigned 3D Pen 
SUNLU 3D Pen is more slimmer with best handle curve style for easy holding; Super lightweight only 55 grams; Let your hands move freely and comfortable for smooth operation.

5. Easy to troubleshoot Sometimes when you replace different filament colors, some residue remain inside and it may clog the hole into the nozzle, simply press the two buckle located on the nozzle part and pull it out then remove all the clogs inside.

Brand: SUNLU
Model: SL-300
Weight: 55g
Product size:180(L)x24(W)x 24 (H) mm
Power cord length: about 1.5m
Input voltage: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Output voltage: 12V 2A
Filament Material Length: 5m
Extrusion: hot melt extrusion molding accumulation
Forming: three-dimensional
Print Range: indefinite
Spinning speed: Adjustable
Adjustable Heating temperature: ABS: 180- 210 degrees PLA: 160- 180 degrees

Package contains:
1x 3D printing pen
1x US power adapter
1x Operation instruction booklet
2 loop x PLA filament material (colors sent randomly)

Technical Details

Brand NameSUNLU
Item Weight14.4 ounces
Product Dimensions7.8 x 4.3 x 2.5 inches
Manufacturer Part NumberIC342

Printing Drawing 3D Pen

Already know Scribbler 3D Pen V3 New Awesome Design Model Printing Drawing 3D Pen? Now it`s time for you to check out what people said about this product that sold at Amazon here

Most Helpful Customer Reviews Printing Drawing 3D Pen

Serious Artist's Tool
By Lobo67Z12abc on June 16, 2015
Color: Purple Metallic Verified Purchase
This is a great pen. I have tried another 3D pen and the additional controls of temp., speed and ABS or PLA are super useful. The piece in my photo is 3 ft. tall and many hours. My other pen didn't last long enough to finish one previous piece and it was less than half this size. This is the 3D pen to get.

Definitely a good buy.
By Hazel Moira on May 3, 2015
Color: Purple Metallic Verified Purchase
I have used 3D pens for a while for my job to make my presentations more realistic and to give them just a little more punch. I was looking for a new pen and found this one as an upgrade to the pen I already own. This pen looks amazing, it has such unique design and the materials it is made of feel like real quality! The screen is big and I love that this new one has the ability to take PLA instead of just ABS and change the temperature easily. Also I have read that you will be able to use different kinds of plastic in this model, like wood and flexible. It makes getting the right temp so much easier. 
A+ for this product!
By Alison Hawley on May 29, 2015
Color: Purple Metallic
Ok so let me just say that you can't really doodle in the air. At least I can't. But what you can do is either make pieces and build them together or build up the item by going over and over the same lines. I personally have an impossible time trying to keep my lines straight but my hand isn't particularly steady so the best option for me is to build. That isn't to say it's the best way for you though. That's the beauty of this pen. It does allow for all levels with the speed and temperature controls. And the screen makes it super easy to navigate. I'm currently in process of building an entire 3d town and while it takes a long time, it's sort of relaxing and it's most definitely fun.
High quality 3D pen with great design and LED screen
By Bo Savich on May 28, 2015
Color: Purple Metallic
I use this pen to make drawings and present them to my managers. I must say that it is helping me very much. The design and the features it has enabled me to improve my work. The design of the pen is absolutely flawless. I enjoy every second with it. It is light and build from pleasant material. The pen is fast and highly responsive as well. The LED screen is also a great addition to its design. Occassionally my kids use it to draw different objects, and we have fun at home. They love it as well. I'm highly satisfied from this Scribller 3D Pen. I can only recommend it to anyone, you can use it for both work and fun times with your family.
By Tamara Larson on May 30, 2015
Color: Purple Metallic
I had a brilliant idea this year to make my own derby hat with my friends. After much deliberation, one of my friends suggested we all buy a 3d pen to do so. Well, it turns out that was a great idea. What a fun project and what awesome hats we came up with! Mine was the best of course and the best part is that it wasn't just a big brim had “plums” coming from the top and looked sort of like a peacock or bird. It was really easy to do because all you have to do is trace your design, let it cool and piece it together! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! I imagine that this method can be used with lots of other things.
Worth a buy if you are creative at all and want something to express yourself.
By Jean Mahler on May 31, 2015
Color: Purple Metallic
My daughter loves those little princess dolls that have the slip on rubber clothes. My husband is an architect who uses a 3d pen for work. I got the idea to make little clothes for my daughters dolls a few weeks ago using the pen and ABS filament. The first couple runs were pretty horrible. I plugged the tip and thought I broke it but it was really quite easy to unclog. Also, once I got a system down and a rhythm I was able to start building little skirts and tops. Of course, it's hard to make anything too fancy but using different colors makes some cute little things my daughter loves.
My little girl and I had a great time
By Gloria W. Hughes on June 25, 2015
Color: Purple Metallic
This pen is exceptionally fun and useful. I got this for my little daughter for an elementary school project and used it to demonstrate how 3D printing works. I taught things to her using this pen and showed her how to present her demonstration at school and we had a great mom, daughter time with this.
For those of you who are wondering how it works, well, in reality, it works like a glue-gun, but the filament uses the same plastic synthetic that you can buy at your local hobby store. I would recommend it to anyone, both adults and kids to use and have fun in an awesome price.
Come in handy
By Jennifer Greene on May 28, 2015
Color: Purple Metallic
I bought this pen instead of another because of the ability to use both ABS and PLA plastic. I personally prefer to use ABS because that's the most commonly used plastic and you can use this pen to “solder” anything made of ABS plastic. It's come in handy a few times in my home. I like the LED screen. It's straightforward and makes using the pen very user friendly. It's really light so your hand doesn't get tired. So far, loving this and can't think of anything negative to say about it!
Product Description:

WHAT IS SCRIBBLER 3D PEN? Scribbler 3D Pen is a tool for the creative minds of our generation. It allows you to build 3D objects from the ground up; build any and everything you can imagine with ultimate ease and precision. Scribbler 3D Pen has been significantly improved upon as compared to other models that already exist on the market. It's now more slim and light weight, making it very easy to use. In addition, Scribbler 3D pen comes with unique speed control function that allowa you to adjust plastic filament feeding speed according to your hand speed, making it more practical to use. Unleash your creativity and let it run rampant through your studio! HOW DOES THE SCRIBBLER 3D PEN WORK? The Scribbler 3D Pen uses filaments that extrude from the nozzle/tip once heated within the pen. It then instantly cools and solidifies as you begin drawing the object of your choice, giving a strong stable foundation to your structure; allowing you to create an infinite number of shapes and design with ease! Most people can instantly begin tracing as soon as they get a hold of Scribbler 3D Pen. 
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